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We promote high quality APACS sports equipment such as Badminton rackets, sports apparels, foot wears and accessories from low-end to high-end range to provide the beginner and professional athlete to gain access to the best equipment to ensure optimum performance. 100% authentic guarantee for 100% satisfaction!
Please refer to the size chart below:
UK 5 (24cm) – EU 39
UK 6 (25cm) – EU 40
UK 7 (26cm) – EU 41
UK 8 (27cm) – EU 42
UK 9 (28cm) – EU 43
UK 10 (29cm) – EU 44
UK 11 (30cm) – EU 45
UK 12 (31cm) – EU 46
1.Trace your foot on the blank sheet of paper. You need to be standing straight when you trace to get the full length of your foot, so you’ll want to ask someone to assist you to get the most accurate measurement.

2.Measure the tracing from the heel to the longest toe.

3.Consult the shoe size chart, below, to translate centimeters to shoe size.

4.Compare your measurements with the shoe size chart of the footwear brand you are interested in purchasing from to ensure the most accurate size, as measurements can differ from brand to brand.

Disclaimer: All dimensions are measured manually with deviation (ranged)at 1-3cm. If by any chance they are not, we are sorry for that. You can chat with us to do measurement manually.
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